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If you are interested in betting on sports and making good profits, you should check out the list of the best players in recent years. With this information, you will understand which of the contenders has a great chance of winning. Accordingly, your bets will become many times more successful and your earnings will increase significantly!

Roger Federer

The name of this athlete has long gone beyond the tennis community. Roger Federer has achieved unprecedented heights thanks to his skills and outspoken talent. Many analysts call him the best tennis player alive today.
He won the Wimbledon championship eight times, became the US Open champion five times, and was also the best player in the Australian and French championships on several occasions. This track record has allowed him to hold the title of the best player in the world for more than six years. And despite his age, 36 years old, Roger does not think to stop and improves his technique with every match.

Chung Hyeon

This Korean tennis player has become famous as one of the best Asians in this sport. He became the next-generation champion and recently took the Australian Open Cup by defeating six-time champion, Novak Djokovic.
Such a track record can already be a good reason to place tennis bets. However, it should also be borne in mind that many analysts believe that Chung Hyeon has not yet reached its full potential. However, he has already proved that he can fight on equal terms with experienced and dangerous opponents. Betting on it is a good option to make a lot of money with great odds in betting.

Novak Djokovic

One of the best tennis players in recent decades. You can list his track record for a very long time and the list of won matches will take up a whole book. Recently, he fell out of the rut due to a serious injury. However, even with such an obstacle, he copes well and shows a decent game.
When Djokovic returns to tennis, he will become a real threat to all the stars of this sport. Then, people who knew about his talent will earn a real jackpot!

Andy Murray

One of the legends of British tennis. Throughout his long career, he has developed a game strategy different from everyone else, which helps him to win even the most hopeless matches. The peculiarity of this player is a well-thought-out strategy in each tournament, and although he does not differ in strong serves or strikes, his mind allows him to play on equal terms with any opponent. If you are looking for an athlete who will give consistent results regardless of conditions, then Murray is your choice!

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